Friday, July 27, 2007

I'm doing a Jig!

Okay, it's near impossible to take a picture of these socks. My camera does not want to focus for anything. Between the busy pattern, and the busy colorway, my camera refuses to comply. Growl!!! I just love the way this pattern is working up. I must admit, I've dropped a stitch or 2 twice, and picking up was not easy. Had to back knit several rows. Even after dropping a stitch, I ended up with 5 extra stitches (I'm sure it was my yarn overs). I'm always up for a good challenge though, so these socks will not get the best of me!

I'm using LL in the Uptown colorway. It's working it nicely. 1/2 of the sock looks mostly purple, and the other 1/2 looks mostly blue. I like funky stuff like that though, so I'm not minding at all. I do have a thicker ankle then some, so I did cast on 70 stitches instead of 60. Here's hoping it doesn't prove to be too complicating when I get to the foot.

Back to the, click, click.....

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Dharmafey said...

I was thinking 70 might be better for my feet, too (well, depending on gauge...) When I knit the japanese feathers socks, it was really hard to work half-repeats at the beginning and end of the instep so I think if I do this again, I'll center either three or four repeats on the instep and either have some plain stockinette on the sides of the instep or some lace on the edges of the sole.