Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Two Yarns - One Skein

I have to start all over.

This skein of Tofutsies was full of pieces knotted together. Look at the sock, you can see where the yarn actually changed. I did e-mail SWTC and was promised a replacement skein. So now I'm waiting for it to arrive.

Do you like to laugh?

I picked up Knit Lit (too) at the library the other day. The first story in the book had me in stitches. You've got to read about the sock knitter who thought she could knit while ice skating. It is hilarious!

I have completed one sock in my whole life and am about to complete the first sock from a LYS sock class. The two socks will not make a pair. So two more socks are in my immediate future before I can start the Jigsaw. (I don't want to give in to the second sock syndrom.)

Deb W

Thursday, September 6, 2007

The Finished Object!

Yeah! I finished my Jigsaw socks! My oldest daughter liked them so much I have decided to give them to her at Christmas. Thanks for having me in this knit-along, I had fun making these socks and plan to make more!

Happy Knitting everyone!